Aleeza Ben Shalom

Aleeza Ben Shalom is the author of Get Real Get Married, a your guide to getting over your hurdles and under the chuppah! In addition to her private mentoring sessions with clients from all over the world, Aleeza is a passionate speaker and the host of a weekly show. To learn more about her unique style of matchmaking, which focuses on empowerment and developing successful support networks, visit Aleeza is committed to creating marriages that endure the test of time, starting with her own. She is a dedicated wife and loving mother of five children.

Caryn Shore Genack

Caryn Shore Genack is a practicing occupational therapist. She received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Judaic Studies from Yeshiva University. She is involved in the New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association. She previously taught at NYU and Eastwick College.

Moshe Stempel 

Moshe Stempel received his B.S. in Accounting from Touro College and helped edit "Great Jewish Letters" by Rabbi Moshe Bamberger.

   Yacov Nordlicht

Rabbi Binyomin Adler

Rabbi Binyomin Adler learned in the Telz Yeshiva of Chicago, and then studied in Israel under the tutelage of the great Gadol Harav Tzvi Kushelevsky shlita, rosh yeshiva of Heichal Hatorah in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood.  His famous Shabbos Taam Hachaim (Shabbos – the taste of life) has a wide global readership, as it gets emailed every Friday to many hundreds of readers. He uses his talent to pen the weekly Doresh Tov blog (The name "Doresh Tov" originally refers to Mordechai Hatzaddik, who is a direct descendant of Binyomin Ben Yaakov, Rabbi Adler's namesake), which contains thoughts on the weekly parsha and/or inyoni d'yuma (current events in the Jewish calendar). Rabbi Adler has also authored a Hagaddah Shel Pesach in 2011, where he uses his expert knowledge of Gematriya to bring out the deeper meaning of the Pesach Seder.

Yacov Nordlicht is a dynamic writer who is able to extrapolate deep lessons of mussar from the words of the sages. He often writes for the Ohr   Yerushalayim alumnus website.